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Ugly Stuff

Some of the less than pleasant things I've come across on various jobs.

Um...I hope you're not eating.


Rodents in the attic trying to burn the house down.

While doing a bathroom remodel I came across this 220 volt wire to the clothes dryer on the other side of the wall. the last time a shower stall was installed, somebody put a nail for a trim piece right into a hot and a ground conductor! It burned the end of the nail back before tripping the breaker or burning the wire in two, so everything still worked.

Note the black mark in the 2 x 4 where the hot nail was! Did I mention this was a shower? With water! Nobody got zapped.

Self explanatory
5 layers of roofing! Aaaaggghhh! Can you say "tear off"? Ok, say this with me now...CUT THE TREE, NOT THE HOUSE!
Rodents will do just about anything to get a drink...
Just think. The insides of your walls can have all this and more!


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