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Classic example of bad re-roofing practices. The last couple of roofers that worked on this house were too cheap/lazy to do a tear-off! Here are the layers -- 1. roofing felt, 2. rolled roofing, 3. more rolled roofing, 4. more roofing felt, 5. shingles. Note: the nails for the shingles never went deep enough to reach the wood. Also, they even put a new drip edge over the existing one!

Stuff like this is just flat wrong! Get somebody that you can trust and make sure they do it right.


Two trees too close!

This customer had finally removed two trees (they ran out of parts of the house that could be cut up). Now the trees are gone and the house is repaired in a way that is structurally sound and looks like it was never cut up. Customer to do painting.



The top three photos show a cricket I had to build between an addition and the existing home, plus all the good stuff that keeps Mother Nature on the correct side of the roof!


Do you have an older mobile home with an aging aluminum roof? Now you've found a permanent solution! I sheeted this roof with OSB plywood and put a whole new rolled roof on, permanently curing the sagging and leaking aluminum sheets on a budget.

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