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Remodeling Jobs


~ Meant To Be ~
If a house was ever designed for a fireplace that just didn't get built, this was the one. After building this fireplace and chimney, it's really hard to imagine this house without it! Customer to paint.



The bathroom in these pictures started out as a typical 1970's wood paneled mobile home bathroom. It was stripped to the bare studs, mold resistant drywall installed all around and features a custom built shower stall, all new plumbling fixtures, brand new electrical and awesome marble work by James Loveless of Smart Floors.



~ Almost Undone ~
The couple that owns this basement workshop (and the house over it) came pretty close to not seeing this job done. Before I completed this basement they left for a trip to Ireland. Just after they returned, and before they could come see their beautiful Wrightwood getaway I had to call them and tell them some dreadful news. A wildfire (the Sheep Fire) was racing out of control towards their home and it was at that time at the top of Lonepine Canyon! That's only less than a mile away! Well, my hat's off to all the firemen that made what looked like an impossible stand to save Wrightwood! Enough cannot be said in praising them.


Tear out of the old drywall/insulation; was a nasty job, as it was infested with mice from long ago. Definitely a long stick and a dust mask operation!


One of the long time residents. Yuck.


All the electrical had to be rerouted and all the 'framing' other then the beams had to be redone so all the drywall would sit flat on the ceiling.


The beginnings of the cabinet work to hide all the plumbing and water heater.


New lights!


All done. New ceiling, insulation, lights, cabinets and trimwork.


Look, Ma, no mice!


One last touch for when they get home.


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