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Sweet little cabin that just needed some TLC, lots of prep work due to peeling paint and such; but when it was all done, the only thing left was yard work.


I don't pick the colors, I only make it go from the can to the wall, and ceiling, and trim, and... me.


This landlord had unfortunately rented to some total slobs and her rental needed new floors, trim, paint, cleaning -- you get the point. What a mess this place was.


When we started here, this was but an ugly little one color eyesore that needed many issues addressed before we can even start painting. I think it turned out pretty well.


A nice, newly painted porch!


I love looking at a great drywall job after it's been textured and painted!


Whoa! The kids got into the paint! (one of the great activities at my wife's summer day camp) Visit Sunlit Farm Training Services here!


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